• Fakeha Azhar
    KMDC Alumni enables the future graduates the opportunity to interact with and seek guidance from their peers regarding their experience and multiple possible opportunities in their careers and build a community where such interactions help promote our profession in a positive manner. The scholarship award of academic excellence in the name of our two beloved and pleasantly remembered professors Dr. Javed Qazi and Dr. Sohail Rafi Khan, was an exceedingly encouraging attempt and I am both very humbled and honored to be receiving it. I am very grateful for all the organisers who put great effort and time in putting together this event and also to the people who gathered to appreciate and cheer on. I feel that the true sentiment behind this organisation is to inspire the students to excel in their studies and for everyone involved to help others by whatever means possible. I suggest every new batch to consider joining this organisation and being hands-on with contributing their experience and time to the organisation.
    Fakeha Azhar
    Winner of 1st scholarship program
  • Nawal Moin
    KMDC Alumni established itself as a beacon of light for current and future graduates, by providing an ample opportunity of bestowing professional and hands-on experience of the field, to counsel multiple opportunities in forwarding one's careers, successfully and positively, all while building a community of trust and respect among peers and demonstrating the approach of easiness by narrowing the barriers of peer-to-peer communication. The scholarship award of academic excellence, set forth in the honour of our esteemed professors, Dr. Javed Kazi and Dr. Sohail Rafi Khan, further cemented the concept of acknowledging the hard work and effort of the top students, and being an overseas Pakistani getting accepted on merit, I feel humbled for being one of the students for accepting such an honourable award. I am filled with enormous gratitude for all the organizers, who attributed the time and effort to bring such a successful endeavour to fruition, and to the people who attended such a prestigious event to appreciate and applaud. I would highly recommend all batches to join the KMDC Alumni to further spread the message of positivity and encouragement as well as knowledge and guidance to help all students to achieve excellence, whether in their studies or their endeavours
    Nawal Moin
    Winner of first scholarship program
  • Areeba Arif
    Dear KMDC alumni, I am Areeba Arif, KMDC MBBS graduate 2017. I finished my internship in 2018, all the while working on my PLAB journey. I received my GMC registration in 2019 and started my first job in the UK earlier this year. I am sending this email as a thank-you and appreciation note for Dr Bushra Khan, a KMDC graduate herself who I got connected to when I was searching for a job in the UK. Dr Bushra was kind enough to review my CV and suggest changes to make it more UK-friendly. She also connected my husband and I to her agency for potential jobs, though we eventually managed to find a job on our own. She kept a check on me and I am grateful to her for taking out time to support and guide me. All the best for your future.
    Areeba Arif


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